The Team 


Cindy Cámara

Growing up on the mesmerizing Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Cindy was bound to feel connected to the ocean. When her uncle taught her how to dive at the age of 12 she was immediately smitten by the ability to breathe underwater and feel like a part of the environment she constantly wanted to explore. Now she enjoys searching for new sites on our ever-changing Pacific and helping new and experienced divers discover and appreciate the ocean in all its moods and surprises. PADI Pro #306502


Juan Pinto

Juan is our conservation leader and pretty much does everything at Iguana Divers. He has an innate interest in biodiversity and ecology, and naturally gravitates towards opportunities to get involved with initiatives to help understand and protect the rich ecosystems we have the privilege to be surrounded by. Whenever we have a question about wildlife we go to him! PADI Pro #408515


Captain Alonso

¡El capitán! Raised in the tiny coastal village of Cabuya, Alonso grew up in the ocean that is now his “office”. He knows it like no one else and is the most skilled boat driver we know, easily maneuvering our boat through large waves, strong currents and rocky channels. In addition, he is the Malpaís port’s go-to mechanic for outboard motors plus he is a certified diver so we feel especially safe with him! PADI #15040Y8609

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Elly first caught the bug for the ocean learning to surf in the chilly waters of the UK at the age of eight. She strapped on a scuba pack for the first time in Malaysia in 2013 and many dives ‘round the world but very soon after she became an IDC instructor. Elly brings a passion for the environment and sustainability to her diving sessions, and has a knack for sniffing out hard-to-find creatures. She likes getting behind the lens of an underwater camera too - almost as much as her other passion in life: Arsenal football club. PADI Pro #363670

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Ophelia’s strong, positive energy is infectious, and learning and diving under her guidance is a treat. Ophelia and her mother first tried out diving many years ago during a Discover Scuba Diving experience in Greece. From there, they both took their love for the ocean to a professional level, her mom as a free diving instructor in Egypt and Ophelia as a scuba diving instructor with us in Costa Rica! PADI Pro #342763