In addition to Scuba Diving, Santa Teresa is a destination long loved for its relaxed atmosphere and its beautiful beaches framed by vegetation and met by crashing Pacific blue waves.

Santa Teresa is a small surf town stretched along the coast on one narrow, mainly unpaved road that reaches all the way to the border of Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve. Along the road you will find a selection of tasty restaurants, yoga studios, surf schools and small hotels fit for different budgets, but all catering to travelers like you who enjoy nature and an active lifestyle by the sea. Something worth mentioning is that there are no franchises or large businesses in this town. Everything is very small and locally owned either by Costa Ricans or lovely “new Ticos” from around the world who have decided to make Santa Teresa their home, which makes for a very pleasant family vibe.

When you visit Santa Teresa we would of course love to take you diving! The wildlife under the sea is rich and exciting, but even walking along the main road you will surely see howler monkeys, blue jays, iguanas and parrots, and if you’re into wildlife we can steer you in the direction of all you can expect to find in this type of environment. Aside from wildlife, there is so much to do! From horseback riding to kayaking, paddle boarding, zip-lining through the canopy, surfing, yoga and even different workshops and classes offered seasonally for cooking, languages and the arts, there is always something going on. We are happy to point you towards our favorite options.

Come to Santa Teresa for the nature, the food and the fun both in and out of the ocean!